What are startups and what are the available startups in Malaysia?

NEXEA is Malaysia’s top Angel Investment Network, and they invest in Southeast Asian startups. NEXEA contains a big network of angel investors who invest and mentor startups because of their established track record and several high-growth startup in their portfolio.

A startup is a small business that focuses on technology-based products and is founded by one or more entrepreneurs with the goal of creating and marketing a unique product or service. The average startup is, by definition, a shoestring operation, with the founders’ or their friends’ and family’s initial capital. One of the startup’s first goals is to raise a significant sum of money in order to continue developing the product. To do so, they’ll need good pitch decks, if not a minimal viable product, to back up their claim that their idea is actually novel or significantly better than what’s already on the market.

Some of the startups in Malaysia are NEXEA, Muru-ku, MaGIC, Angel.co and Gust. At NEXEA, it provides you with all of the information you require about starting a business in Malaysia. The website will walk you through everything you need to know about startups, including the definition, stages, and how to create and fund them, as well as resources. Muru-startup ku’s list includes over a hundred Malaysian startups. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as fintech and e-commerce, are among the industries represented by these firms. The Startup Stash startup list is available. MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre) is a Malaysian innovation and creativity centre in Cyberjaya, Selangor. MaGIC has their own startup list, which you can find here. Gust, for example, allows you to search for businesses from their own startup list. There are several possibilities for sorting, ranging from industry to location. Angel.co has created their own database of Malaysian businesses.

NEXEA is Malaysia’s top Angel Investment Network, and we invest in Southeast Asian startups. We have a big network of angel investors who invest and mentor Startups because of our established track record and several high-growth Startups in our portfolio. The way we work with investors and startups at NEXEA Angel Investment Network is unique. We don’t make any money until our investors do, and even then, we just take a cut of the profit. We believe that pay in Startup investments should be harmonised between fund managers and investors. Every year, we receive 1500 applications from a list of over 7000 businesses. NEXEA is mostly interested in IT firms.

Therefore, we are extremely inspired to dramatically enhance return rates, find just the top Startups to invest in. Secondly, to guide our Startups, we exclusively hire the greatest mentors (Successful CEOs, Entrepreneurs and C-Suites). Thirdly, only get the best corporate partners to join us as partners, customers, and buyers of our startups.

Check out our Entrepreneurs Programme and Corporate Accelerator as well.

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