Karnataka, India Unveils Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technology Park

An Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technology Park (ARTPARK), with seed money from the Department of Science and Technology to the tune of IN₹230 crores (US$30 million), was launched at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bengaluru. Set up to be a premier research translation park with a global collaborative ecosystem, the centre is a public-private initiative established as a section 8 company (not for profit).

According to the Karnataka Minister for Information Technology and Biotechnology, Ashwath Naraya, of the US$30 million, IN₹170 crores (US$22.3 million) would be borne by the centre and the rest by the Karnataka government. During the inauguration ceremony, Narayan noted that ARTPARK intends to use cutting-edge technologies to connect the unconnected and create a globally leading AI and robotics innovation ecosystem. As per a report by the government’s AI portal, ARTPARK will execute ambitious mission-mode research and development projects in healthcare, education, mobility, infrastructure, agriculture, retail, and cybersecurity. The Minister added that AI is expected to touch US$15.7 trillion by 2030. Its legacy of excellence in tech research, innovation, and talent makes Karnataka uniquely positioned to best leverage the AI revolution, he said.

The country has launched several technology parks over the past few months, intending to boost research in industry 4.0 technologies, create India-specific tech-based solutions, and meet the growing demand for tech experts. In February, the Indian Institute of Technology in Hyderabad (IIT-Hyderabad) inaugurated a 150,000 square foot Technology Research Park. It aims to provide infrastructure and facilities for industry partners to set up research and technology development centres on the IIT-Hyderabad campus.

As OpenGov Asia reported, the IN₹750 million (US$10 million) park was funded by the Union Ministry of Education and will feature state-of-the-art facilities. This includes 11 individual towers of different levels connected with corridors and a laboratory complex comprising seven footprint blocks interconnected with covered corridors. The Secretary of the Department of Science of Technology, Srivari Chandrasekhar, inaugurated the facility. At the event, he stated that the government of India is committed to technological development as presented by the Financial Minister during the Budget 2022. He added that Hyderabad has a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The TRP (Technology Research Park) and TIP (Technology Incubation Park) buildings created by IIT-Hyderabad are testimonial facilities for those who cannot work at home. He urged the country’s youth to “go from job-seekers to job-givers and all premier institutes to work on non-software technologies”. An official said that the technology park will support strong and long-term industry-IIT-H collaborations, helping India become self-reliant. The park is also expected to foster international relations with several global industries.

More recently, the state government of Haryana proposed setting up an emerging technologies institution to foster professional training in AI, additive manufacturing, big-data analysis, and cryptography. The institute aims to help students master the latest technologies, enabling them to solve some of society’s most pressing issues. Apart from researching and developing futuristic technologies, the institute will develop and maintain strong connections with the country’s industries.

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