APAC HUAWEI Ads Summit 2022 — a Gathering of Innovative Solutions for Better First Party Data Ad Performances

SINGAPORE, April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The APAC HUAWEI Ads Summit 2022 held in Singapore saw through an insightful discussion on leading topics in the digital marketing by industry experts. The one-day event’s robust agenda of introducing and sharing insights about first-party data in a mobile advertising world wrapped up successfully, where key business partners learnt more about the multitude of usage on first-party data as well as highlights on the benefits and usage of HUAWEI Ads — the digital ad platform by Huawei.

Focused on the topic of leveraging first-party data in a mobile first advertising world, the APAC HUAWEI Ads Summit 2022 featured an esteemed panel of business leaders who continue to drive significant and impactful innovation in technology and digital marketing, including Malcolm Wong, Huawei Vice President APAC Ads Product, Chris Packman, GroupM’s Head of Audience Strategy APAC, Vaibhav Chopra, ADA’s Singapore Head of Marketing Services, and Cheryl Wang, Nestia’s Chief Marketing Officer. The session was moderated by Rezwana Manjur, the Editor-in-Chief of Marketing Interactive.

The topic on how to build an effective first party data marketing strategy is one that is pertinent to digital advertisers in the data-centric world today. Having first-party user behavioural data provides better accuracy for marketers to personalise their ad efforts, and ultimately enhances the brand advocacy and nurtures loyal customers.  

HUAWEI Ads enables advertisers and brands to shape their first-party data marketing strategy, to better reach and engage with Huawei device and app users. Relying on Huawei’s mobile ecosystem, the ad marketplace interacts with the Huawei devices’ algorithms and architecture, making it the most effective platform for advertisers to reach over 730 million global Huawei device users across smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Also, through the comprehensive Huawei native apps and over 36,000 third-party publisher partners, HUAWEI Ads can help advertisers amplify their businesses, products, and services from multi-digital app touchpoints. 

Additionally, the HUAWEI Ads Data Management Platform (DMP) can provide an in-depth understanding of the target audience at both the device and app level. This is achievable by combining first-party data such as app registration, payment and retention, and system data of app installation, usage and location-based services, for advertisers to get a glimpse of user’s usage pattern in a nutshell.

High ad performance achieved in HUAWEI Ads platform 

Tiger Brokers, a leading global online trading platform, shared its experience of working with HUAWEI Ads since October 2021. Their ad campaigns have helped garner a steady and significant increase in acquiring new users from HUAWEI mobile ecosystem, with its biggest uptick seen in March 2022.

Tiger Trading’s ads have seen continuous ad deliveries with high conversions of 2.5% – 3.5% click-through rates, 10% -12% click-to-download rates and a lower cost per download than expected. This was achieved with the help of use of the HUAWEI Ads DMP, which targeted the right user segments.

HUAWEI Ads joins IAB Europe’s CMP list to enhance ads compliance

At the summit, HUAWEI Ads also announced that it has now became a listed Consent Management Platform (CMP ID: 386) with the IAB Europe in March 2022, which further recognises its active engagement in standardization for the digital advertising ecosystem.

In 2020, Huawei Ads was registered as a global vendor with the IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0. The recent recognition as a listed CMP further drives HUAWEI Ads vision of enhancing ad services compliances, boosting operating efficiency, and promoting healthy development of the advertising industry. Now, all Huawei owned apps and advertising media have already been integrated with the CMP, and will gradually open up for publisher partners to join the integration.

Moving forward, HUAWEI Ads will continue to broaden its ad capabilities and solutions to empower ad partners to unlock a plethora of opportunities in the digital advertising environment.

HUAWEI Ads will be organising a series of ad summits in Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand in collaboration with the industry experts. Advertisers who wish to gain first-hand insights and knowledges, or would like to learn more about HUAWEI Ads services can register their interests at huaweiadsapac@huawei.com

For more information about HUAWEI Ads, please visit: https://ads.huawei.com/

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