Korean startup exports League of Legends AI analysis program

South Korean startup GameEye has signed contracts with five esports teams for them to use Deeplol Pro, the company’s artificial intelligence-based gaming data analysis program, the firm said Friday.

The startup signed the deals on Thursday to five undisclosed League of Legends teams, each in Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Korea and the United States.

GameEye said it would target more LoL teams in North America, South America, Europe and Asia with the AI-powered service.

Deeplol Pro uses the deep-learning technology to analyze gaming routines of professional LoL players and provides an in-depth analysis on team tactics and individual game conditions, based on the quantitative evaluation.

Meanwhile, the company last month was allocated government subsidies as part of the Export Voucher Project that assists small to midsize enterprises with exporting their products overseas. GameEye said the subsidies will be used to expand its global market presence. 

GameEye is run by Korean LoL commentator Yoon Deok-jin, better known by his nickname “JoyLuck.”

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