From left to right: Dato Dr Jennifer Low, Managing Director of Quill Group of Companies; Mr Michael Yuan, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Malaysia; Mr Wang Qijie, Chief Executive Officer of China Construction Bank Malaysia

Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Huawei Malaysia) sealed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Quill Renewable Sdn Bhd (Quill) and China Construction Bank (Malaysia) Berhad (CCBM) to cooperate on developing a Green Growth Platform that will foster sustainable technology, aimed at accelerating climate solutions.

The tripartite collaboration will see Quill, CCBM and Huawei work towards a range of initiatives in key areas such as Connectivity and Intelligence, as well as Low-Carbon Development including data centres, smart townships, carbon credit trading, solar energy storage systems, green energy purchases and certifications to promote industry digitalisation.

The collaboration will focus on two emerging technologies, namely, Cloud Sustainability and Carbon Footprint Measurement which will have a positive impact on the environment. This will be carried out by capitalising on Huawei’s advanced technology, ecosystem, and digital innovation capabilities and will be led by the firm’s three biggest business groups: Digital Power, Cloud & AI, and Enterprise.

Through the partnership, Quill shall manage all coordination, communication, and provide consultation for business developments while CCBM will be the main financial service provider.

The MoU exchange ceremony took place today at Huawei’s Customer Solution Innovation Center (CSIC). It involved the Managing Director of Quill Group of Companies, Dato’ Dr Jennifer Low, CCBM Chief Executive Officer Mr Wang Qijie and Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Malaysia, Mr Michael Yuan.

The Quill Group of Companies Managing Director, Dato’ Dr Jennifer Low said as the pioneer of green development in Malaysia, Quill is delighted to support CCBM and Huawei with its experience, insight, and expertise.

“The signing of a MoU between Quill, Huawei, and CCBM aims to contribute to the domestic and global efforts to mitigate the adverse consequences of climate change. The partners are committed to leveraging technology to help drive renewable energy, green innovation, and sustainability agendas. As the pioneer of green initiatives in the building sector in Malaysia, Quill is delighted to share its vast experience, insights, and expertise to support this green initiative.” she added.

Dato’ Dr Jennifer Low further added, “This partnership represents a major contribution towards driving the growth of renewable energy, green innovation, and sustainable funding. Building on the proposed CCBM-Huawei-Quill Green Growth Platform, (GGP) stakeholders will also benefit from Huawei’s R&D resources which will help accelerate the flow of green transition across sectors and borders. QUILL looks forward to supporting CCBM and Huawei in ensuring that the GGP is developed and operated in line with global best practices. Huawei’s green ‘energy internet’ will be another key component in harnessing green technology in mitigation and adaptation efforts to combat climate change. In particular, Huawei technology solutions present remarkable potential to improve biodiversity, harness artificial intelligence, protect ecosystems, and support green financing. I hope this collaboration between CCB, Huawei, and Quill will empower corporates in their sustainability journeys and position Malaysia as an attractive destination for global finance flows to support climate initiatives,” she said.

CCBM CEO Mr Wang Qijie said CCBM was also delighted to be part of this collaboration, especially in terms of the potential of green/sustainable finance that will lead to sustainable development outcomes.

“CCBM also is fully supportive of the future growth of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, Green Industries, High-Tech Developments and the Digital Economy. Today, CCBM is excited to be part of this partnership to facilitate Huawei Malaysia and the Quill Group in exploring comprehensive collaborations in new areas such as green energy, digital networks, cloud services and ESG projects,” said Mr. Wang.

Huawei Malaysia CEO, Mr. Michael Yuan said that through this collaboration, Huawei will leverage its cutting-edge technologies to develop innovative digital power services to use energy as efficiently as possible and minimise the carbon footprint of ICT infrastructure.

“We actively build sustainability into the entire lifecycle of our own products and also help other industries reduce their energy consumption and emissions to support a more circular economy.

We must pursue low-carbon and sustainable development and this cannot be done in silos. I am confident that by working together, we will be able to build an open and win-win ecosystem,” added Mr Yuan.

Quill is in the business of property development and construction, architecture, interior design consultation, facility management, and is venturing into the business of data centre development, solar panels, wind turbine development and green initiative designs while, CCBM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing-headquartered China Construction Bank Corp.

Huawei’s collaboration with Quill and CCBM as new partners will help nurture an integrated sustainable digital ecosystem and accelerate digital transformation in the country.

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