Indonesia introduces Project Jagat as first step towards a web3-based metaverse future

Indonesian social metaverse platform Jagat is launching a social-first virtual world that will focus on user creativity in creating spatial and immersive shared experiences, targeting creative and productive Indonesian creators. It is a user-generated content platform that allows users to create their own virtual spaces and build their communities.

Additionally, creators can design their own experiences, create their own avatars and digital assets such as clothing, furniture and other accessories, with easy-to-use tools accessible even to those without technical or blockchain knowledge, according to Jagat.

Meanwhile, as Jagat is committed to offering a metaverse and Web3 experience that are accessible both technologically and financially for the general public, it has devised a mobile-first strategy to accommodate even basic smartphones.

The virtual world will be available both on the web and on mobile phones without the need for additional hardware such as VR or AR gadgets. Its alpha version will be launched later this year.

Jagat’s approach to a social-first experience is based on extensive user research that highlights the need for Indonesian youth and creators to stay connected. This approach aligns with a study by Populix 1 in June 2022, which noted that up to 44% of Indonesians view the metaverse as an extension of social media platforms, providing new ways to communicate freely.

Jagat co-founder Barry Beagen explained that Jagat is different from other metaverse platforms because it introduces the concept of a hybrid or an actual connection between the metaverse and the physical world. It will associate cities, communities of creators, institutions and retail chains. Through blockchain technology , Jagat can boost community building as communities can create and thrive through various X-to-earn models, he added.

Jagat has attracted partners from global tech companies including Advance Intelligence Group, an independent AI and tech startup, and Utown, a metaverse platform from Singapore. Advance Intelligence Group includes Asian buy-it-now, pay-later platform Atome, artificial intelligence company ADVANCE.AI and e-commerce merchant services platform Ginee. Meanwhile, Utown has developed social apps with over 90 million subscribers and seeks to push further into the metaverse and create a platform with genuine utility and practicality.

Advance Intelligence Group Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO Jefferson Chen said, “With our deep knowledge and ecosystem of products and services in Indonesia and around the world, Advance Intelligence Group will collaborate on knowledge, l experience and resources on fintech, e-commerce, retail, payment, technology and AI to build the next generation of internet through Jagat in Indonesia.”

Meanwhile, Utown co-founder Zach Loy added that socializing plays an important role in the Metaverse, and the Metaverse would be pointless without it. “With years of experience in developing and operating social applications, Utown has provided more innovative interactive experiences and solutions for Jagat, providing immersive interactions for Jagat users while empowering them to create and develop social connections on Jagat,” he said. Loy believes that the social connections established on Jagat will be an extension of the existing connection of people offline and online.

With the potential of a borderless virtual world, the metaverse of Jagat can become the face of Indonesia for the global community. This is in line with the statement of the Indonesian G20 Presidential Assistance and Partnership Coordinator, Wishnutama Kusubandio.

“As the future of the internet in Indonesia, a local metaverse is a necessity for Indonesia, which is also the country with the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia, to be able to compete with other countries in the region. This is in line with the direction of the President, who has expressed the importance of our country to prepare a strategy so that we are not far behind other countries in this digital era,” said Wishnutama.

“With all the eyes of the world on Indonesia at the culmination of the grand event of the G20 Summit in Indonesia in October 2022, we must be ready to realize these future potentials now and accelerate Indonesia’s digital leadership with the metaverse created by young Indonesians through Jagat,” he concluded.

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