Digitalisation is Being Bolstered in Laos by the Country’s Government, which is Concerned About Data Security and Privacy

The Laos government’s recent efforts to assure compliance in the usage of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) have highlighted the question of whether organisations’ practices are in line with these new requirements for data and IT security.

Laos has teamed up with Singapore-based SA Solutions for Asia and Datacom Co., Ltd., a local partner, to demonstrate how privacy compliance and data protection implementation can and should be brought to the country as it embarks on a digitalization plan supported by the Ministry of Technology and Communications Department of Cyber Security.

Some of South Africa’s most prominent cybersecurity experts gathered in Vientiane, Laos, on June 27 for a conference on the importance of critical information infrastructure in the development of digitalization and the challenges it presents.
In the inaugural address, Mr. Santisouk Simmalavong, Deputy Minister of Technology and Communications, outlined a day of sharing and networking for participants from the government, banking, telecom, and energy industries.

A joint effort between the Ministry of Technology and Communications, the Department of Cyber Security, and SA-Solutions for Asia, the seminar “not only builds collaboration but also promotes the creation and exchange of knowledge for both public and private sectors to understand and protect the privacy of critical and personal data,” said Mr Santisouk. Mr Ainsley Jong, Executive Director and Founder of SA, said, “When dealing with key information infrastructures, these organisations have a stronger requirement for compliance. Because these companies have access to so much personal information, they have a larger responsibility for data security and privacy.”

When it comes to compliance and data protection in Laos, SA and Datacom are proud to offer the best solutions from across the world, he said. MTT&C Director-Public Khamla Sounnalat stated: “Our government is creating the nation’s digital ecosystem’s infrastructure, literacy, and general awareness so that we can achieve effective digital transformation. To our long-standing partners, we express our gratitude for their assistance in completing this crucial task.

As part of the afternoon break-out sessions, the speakers offered one-on-one consultations to the participants. Outside of these consultations, I had a lot of fun networking with colleagues in the field.

Datacom’s Executive President Thanongsinh Kanlagna and Mr. Ainsley Jong have been working together since 2020 to address the country’s digital transformation needs while also bringing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to Laos. The government of Laos and its forward-thinking businesses have pledged to work closely with SA and their major representatives to create a digitally transformed Laos.

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