Empowering 5G Innovation Engine in Singapore

For businesses at the vanguard of the digital transformation and to give customers a better experience, 5G makes it possible for technologies like AI, Digital Twin, augmented reality, and extended reality to operate together smoothly.

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) is collaborating with numerous industries to develop new business use-cases and give enterprises the ability to commercialise both locally and internationally as part of the advancement of Singapore’s 5G ecosystem.

Singapore will continue to push the boundaries of innovation through frontier technologies such as 5G. We are excited to work with our industry partners to unlock the real impact of 5G. We look forward to seeing new and exciting ways 5G will benefit our businesses and consumers. 

– Lew Chuen Hong, Chief Executive, IMDA

To strengthen Singapore’s 5G ecosystem, three new 5G projects have been launched. SG$ 30 million has been allocated under IMDA’s 5G Innovation Programme to hasten the adoption and commercialisation of 5G products. IMDA announces the projects for which it has awarded funding:

  • Asia Pacific’s first 5G mobile edge computing for holomedicine and mixed reality applications
  • The first outdoor 5G-enabled augmented reality (AR) experience in the region
  • The first maritime 5G AR/VR Smart Glasses solution in Southeast Asia

An emerging field of research called “Holomedicine,” which makes use of holographic displays and pictures to improve and augment healthcare delivery, uses Mixed Reality (MR) technology.

When it comes to the creation and application of mixed reality technology in the healthcare industry, the National University Health System (NUHS) is at the forefront.

This collaboration with IMDA will further strengthen NUHS’ capacity to create MR modules and solutions that will improve clinical capacities, clinicians’ skills, patient trajectories, and patient outcomes.

Additionally, IMDA and its partners will work together to create the first outdoor 5G-enabled cinematic grade AR experience in the region. This experience will make use of the entire computing power and bandwidth of 5G and 5G-enabled mobile devices.

A real-time augmented reality performance in Marina Bay will immerse viewers in a display of expansive, cinematic AR representations of Singapore’s cityscape. This programme will serve as a cutting-edge platform for digital marketing companies and their clients, giving them a more direct line of communication with consumers.

The potential addition of a dedicated Metaverse and a companion game to the App ecosystem is already being considered. Users can download the AR application and use performance tickets purchased through Marina Bay Sands’ website to unlock it.

However, Covid-19 has disrupted physical inspections, site and vessel surveys, and audits, all of which rely substantially on current technological capabilities. IMDA collaborates to create and market 5G-enabled products for the maritime industry.

The inspection and asset maintenance processes are digitalized using smart glasses. Inspection workers can view work instructions via the display headset while wearing Smart Glasses and controlling them with voice commands.

Real-time sensor data can be used in this AR application to monitor equipment performance and onboard system characteristics. Field engineers will be able to record and stream live data to their main office using AR-enabled Smart Glasses to obtain real-time remote advice.

Engineers, clients, and other organisations will be able to perform pre-construction feasibility assessments simultaneously by using smart glasses to conduct remote virtual walkthroughs of a vessel. This will allow potential engineering design issues to be identified earlier, reducing preconstruction risks.

By creating a thriving digital economy and an inclusive digital society, IMDA is at the vanguard of Singapore’s digital development.

To create Singapore as a digital city, it promotes growth in the Infocom Technology and media sectors in tandem with progressive policies, utilising cutting-edge technologies, and fostering local talent and digital infrastructure ecosystems.

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