US may relax some restrictions on Huawei as it aims to retain its global tech lead

Just a couple of years ago, Huawei had been one of the biggest smartphone makers and was even set to topple both Apple and Samsung for the throne. However, it soon got hit with sanctions from the US, which essentially crippled its smartphone operations as a whole. But now, it appears that there might soon be some changes that help improve its situation.

For those unaware, the Chinese tech giant got hit with various restrictions that took away its access to technologies that originate from America. This basically had it lose its supply to crucial technology for its products. Furthermore, the US had followed up this with more sanctions that cut off Huawei from its primary chip supplier, TSMC. Since then, the company has launched just two flagship series, with both of them only supporting 4G networking despite the chips being used were flagship top end Qualcomm Snapdragon chips.

After Joe Biden became the new president, many had hoped that the new administration would lift some restrictions against Huawei. But this was not the case. However, it appears there will be some changes, with a Bloomberg report claiming that the US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security issued a rule allowing certain low level technologies to be shared. In other words, some technologies can be shared to sanctioned entities like Huawei.

Alan Estevez, the Commerce undersecretary for industry and security stated that “US stakeholders need to be fully engaged in international standards organizations, particularly where the critical but sometimes invisible standards that they set have important national security as well as commercial implications.” In other words, this might be some positive news in a while for the Chinese smartphone maker.

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