Xiaomi resolves patent disputes with IP Bridge, Orange, Siemens

Xiaomi today announced that it has ended long-standing patent disputes with IP Bridge, Orange, and Siemens. The company said that it resolved the disputes through an “innovative patent licensing transaction” that will allow it to license multiple technologies from the three companies.

“This unique transaction structure lets Xiaomi customers enjoy benefits of inventions from 3 companies, efficiently.” Siemens is a leading technology company focusing on technology with purpose. “For us, protection of innovation by patents is of high importance. We highly welcome this agreement, as it constitutes a mutually very satisfactory solution over litigations and appreciates the solution-oriented approach of all parties involved in the deal,” said Rudolf Freytag, Head of Licensing and Technology Acceleration at Xiaomi, in a press statement.

While Xiaomi has ended patent troubles with other companies, it continues to face trouble in the Indian market with the government. In April last year, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) seized Rs 5,551.27 crores belonging to the company for alleged violated foreign exchange regulations. Xiaomi has denied the charge.  ED claimed that Xiaomi remitted large amounts of money abroad to entities related to the company. The amounts were royalties paid for services, but no service was rendered, according to the ED.

At the time, Xiaomi countered this by saying that 84 per cent of the seized amountwas due to be paid as royalties to Qualcomm. According to the company, Xiaomi India is an affiliate and one of the Xiaomi Group companies has entered into a legal agreement with the Qualcomm Group to license intellectual property for manufacturing smartphones.

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