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How 5G can help improve healthcare (Opinion)

Professor Dr Leong Wai Yie is the director of Perdana University’s Centre for Research Excellence and a Fellow of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) UK.

In the evolution of telecommunications, 5G is the fifth-generation innovation normal for broadband networks, which began remodeling the world in 2019.

5G is a big evolution of immediately’s 4G LTE networks. 5G networks can assist speeds as much as 10 gigabits per second – 100 instances sooner than 4G. It can be applied in low-band, mid-band or high-band millimetre waves of 24 GHz as much as 54 GHz.

It is anticipated to have the ability to assist as much as a million related gadgets per .38 sq. miles, in comparison with round 2,000 related gadgets per .38 sq. miles with 4G.

5G networks are anticipated to have greater than 1.7 billion subscribers worldwide by 2025. This innovation can be anticipated to have an effect on the healthcare business.

Telehealth monitoring

We used to solely have one alternative after we fell unwell and wanted medical help: journey to the closest clinic or hospital to see a healthcare skilled.

For folks in rural areas, the travelling time, location and distance is a priority.

For instance, these dwelling within the distant, inside areas of Sarawak can be a number of hours’ journey time away from the closest clinic, and if the river waters are low, they won’t even be capable to journey out of their village.

With the event of telehealth, it’s attainable to acquire medical care from our houses. Doctors can present medical recommendation through a video name, and even monitor sufferers remotely through smartphones, health and different monitoring gadgets.

With Covid-19 being of concern, this distant healthcare assist would additionally help to cut back affected person publicity to infections by minimising in-person visits to medical doctors or healthcare amenities.

Patients can keep at dwelling and order their prescriptions on-line for supply to their doorstep.

5G expertise will assist terminal-to-terminal communications, making communications simpler and sooner.

Remote monitoring, particularly, which can contain advanced picture processing strategies, methodologies and superior applied sciences, require the upper community speeds 5G guarantees.

Internet of Medical Things

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is the community of Internet-associated scientific gadgets, gear infrastructure and software program functions used to attach healthcare data expertise.

Also referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT) in medical providers, IoMT permits distant and distant gadgets to securely switch knowledge over the Internet to allow quick and adaptable evaluation of scientific data.

The high quality of community protection and area over which such knowledge is transferred might have an effect on this course of.

5G expertise might help overcome the standard and problems with IoMT, together with the issues of digitisation and knowledge transformation.

Handling Big Data

With wearable gadgets, healthcare professionals can monitor and display sufferers from a distance, accumulating steady data for analysis, which might enable for customised medical providers.

The large quantity and number of knowledge that this can generate requires systematic organisation, administration and governance.

In the long term, such gadgets will likely be restricted by the restrictions of networks in coping with such massive knowledge.

A poor community might have an effect on a healthcare skilled’s potential to acquire the required well being data on a affected person, particularly with extra processes logging on.

5G guarantees to be the answer to this drawback, permitting medical providers suppliers to convey remedy constantly to continually sick sufferers throughout the quickest community accessible.

High-quality 5G connectivity methods can additionally improve collaboration between medical professionals, permitting them to work collectively on issues like scans to improve analysis and affected person care.

Sensor innovation

Developments in medical gear engineering have enabled sufferers to carry out fundamental well being screening from the consolation of their very own dwelling.

These developments in medical providers happen by way of the knowledge acquired, gathered and aligned through sensors. This data is then communicated to healthcare specialists for evaluation and evaluation.

In this context, the 5G networks play an important function to permit for higher communication between the sensors.

The mixture of assorted IoMT gadgets and sensors assists medical doctors in assessing their sufferers extra totally and customising an applicable course of administration.

Artificial Intelligence

Many medical providers are utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to evaluate and and resolve on therapies for sufferers.

AI can even be used to foretell which sufferers are prone to develop sure circumstances or ailments. This is numerous data that requires a steady and excessive switch velocity community like 5G.

Moreover, healthcare suppliers continuously must entry such data from their smartphones.

By transferring to a 5G community, they can utilise AI devices to help consider and handle their sufferers from wherever they could be within the clinic or hospital.

Preparing for change

5G positively has the potential to have a big effect on the healthcare business.

Healthcare professionals can help sufferers and collaborate with their colleagues through superior, exact, productive, useful and cost-viable methodologies and applied sciences.

The use of 5G networks can help evolve the medical care business to the subsequent stage of healthcare – a change that’s significantly important immediately, given how the Covid-19 pandemic has put an enormous burden on medical providers frameworks all around the world.

By empowering this innovation by way of 5G networks, medical care frameworks can work on the character of care and affected person expertise, and cut back the medical bills.

Rather than simply responding to sufferers’ circumstances, 5G networks can allow suppliers to present extra customised and preventive strategies due consideration.

One situation that may hamper that is the lengthy historical past of worry that 5G radiation poses risks to human well being.

This is just not a standard prevalence in any respect, and is especially of concern solely to those that work on massive sources of non-ionising radiation gadgets and devices.

In the approaching years, 5G expertise is anticipated to be scalable and power environment friendly, and can pioneer an enormous IoT world.

A number of focus will likely be on excessive simplicity, low-power consumption and pervasive protection to achieve difficult places, in addition to elevated connection density in order that networks can deal with the large variety of gadgets deployed for IoT functions.

TNB Genco to produce floating solar farm in Manjung

TENAGA Nasional Bhd’s (TNB) wholly owned subsidiary TNB Power Generation Sdn Bhd (TNB Genco) will be launching its first floating solar farm project.

The pilot project would be using floating photovoltaic (PV) solar panels which would be installed at an ash pool at a power station to generate solar energy.

To be located at the Sultan Azlan Shah Power Station (SJSAS), Manjung Perak, it will have a bottom ash disposal pond measuring 175 hectares with a potential to generate at least 100MW of energy.

“Currently, a total of 288 PV solar panels have been installed in the pond with an installed capacity of 105.12kWp equivalent to a reduction of 7.9 tonnes of carbon emissions per month or carbon dioxide uptake by 409 trees.

“Electricity generated through this system can meet the electricity needs of 30 houses,” TNB said in a statement today.

TNB added that the floating solar farm would also save land since it requires only one hectare to produce 1MW as well as making its assets portable and manageable.

Since water evaporation is a natural cooling system, the farm would not affect its natural ecosystem.

This project is also in line with the Reimagining TNB (RT) aspirations in creating growth for the sources of future generations, particularly in tackling climate change issues and increasing its Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) commitment.

“Other TNB sustainable energy solutions include large -scale solar farms (LSS) and rooftop solar panels.

“As the country’s leading electricity supplier, TNB is committed to green energy sustainability for a sustainable future,” it said.

Slush funds and bribes – how money talks in the telecom business (Opinion)

Shireen Muhiudeen is a Senior ESG Investment professional in Emerging Asia. She is the founder of Corston-Smith Asset Management.

Corruption leaves no one untouched, and there is increasingly less tolerance for its existence at any level. With news becoming easily available at the click of a button on social media, the person on the street can now see the effects of corruption in the education system, in healthcare, as well as in the state support system.

Global corporations today, especially those led by a responsible, ESG-aware Board, can no longer claim ignorance to corruption practices by their subsidiaries or partners in another jurisdiction that they operate in.

According to the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index 2020, since 2012, only 26 countries have improved their scores, while 22 countries have shown a decline. All other countries appear to have shown no material change.

However, global corporations have made some longer-term progress by enforcing anti-corruption standards via their own Foreign Corrupt Practices standards; and some countries have done this using the Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA). You would have seen the DPA surfacing on our shores a few times, as more and more local companies collaborate with foreign companies that now are now subject to serving out a DPA judgement.

From a layperson’s point of view, the steps of a DPA are generally as follows:

  1. A corporation engages in criminal activity, for example, a massive fraud. The corporation or individuals involved are caught with evidence by the enforcement agencies. (In some cases, cross border enforcement agencies work together to nail the corporation or individuals.)
  2. An agreement is reached between a prosecutor and the company on the charges that otherwise could be prosecuted. This arrangement is with the approval or under the supervision of a judge.
  3. The agreement allows prosecution of the case to be suspended for a defined period, provided the organisation meets very stringent conditions or compliance programmes with clear timelines.

Make no mistake, a DPA means you are guilty as charged. (You can’t say, “I wasn’t asked to comment or argue against the charges.”) A DPA implies that you know you are caught, and you’ve chosen to avoid going through with a messy trial, which will disrupt your company’s operations; so the DPA is a way forward for the company to adhere to the list of changes, which will be closely monitored.

The changes could include closing down branches or even removing PEPs as clients (politically exposed people or corporations). And, of course, hefty fines, firing the staff and individuals involved in the criminal activity. Being under a DPA means it is not business as usual.

Signing up with a global company should not be viewed as just making a headline statement in the media to bump up your stock price. Instead, it means that you are now compelled to adhere to global compliance standards.

Two years ago, a well-known global telecommunications giant entered into a DPA with the United States Department of Justice (DOJ). The company ‘admitted to undertaking a campaign of corruption in five countries to solidify its grip on the telecommunications business.”

The summary of breaches reads as a typical playbook used:

  1. “Using third party agents and consultants to pay bribes to government officials and/or to manage off-the-books slush funds.
  2. Agents were often engaged through sham contracts and paid pursuant to false invoices, and the payments to them were improperly accounted for in the books and records.
  3. The resolutions cover the Company’s criminal conduct in five countries in Asia. Two are from Southeast Asia.
  4. Creating a subsidiary, and paid approximately US$2.1 million (10% of a contract size) in bribes to high-ranking government officials in order to obtain a contract with the state-owned telecommunications company.
  5. The subsidiary entered into a sham contract with a consulting company and approved fake invoices to conceal the bribe payments.
  6. The telco’s employees also completed a draft due diligence report that failed to disclose the spousal relationship between the owner of the consulting company and one of the high-ranking government officials.
  7. The subsidiary caused tens of millions of dollars to be paid to various agents, consultants and service providers, a portion of which was used to fund a travel expense account that covered gifts, travel and entertainment for foreign officials, including customers from state-owned telecommunications companies.”

I’m sure this playbook will sound so familiar to many of us.

In a press release by the DoJ, the US attorney involved in the case succinctly said: “Through slush funds, bribes, gifts, and graft, the said company conducted telecom business with the guiding principle that ‘money talks.’ Today’s guilty plea and surrender of over a billion dollars in combined penalties should communicate clearly to all corporate actors that doing business this way will not be tolerated.”

“Implementing strong compliance systems and internal controls are basic principles that international companies must follow to steer clear of illegal activity,” said the chief of IRS Criminal Investigation, in the DOJ release.

It’s worth repeating that once a DPA is served, the company is guilty as charged in the agreement. You have agreed to every sentence in the DPA, down to the last comma. This means that no matter what your views are regarding the contents of the DPA, you have to follow the stated changes and timelines to implement the new robust compliance requirements. In some cases, a monitor will be sent to ensure the implementation of a system of accountability and new controls.

Just so that you can understand the gravity of the DPA with a monitor; the monitor arrives at your offices around the world with a very experienced and sizable team, tasked to interview anyone they choose to speak with. They do not only grill the board and the executive team, but will go right down to the junior staff. This process is definitely stressful for everyone involved, as the monitor will assess if the corporation is making the necessary changes that have been agreed upon in the DPA.

You may ask what happens if a company refuses to follow the details of the DPA. The most telling was when a US lawyer said : ”Well, worst case is that your corporation may not be able to trade dollars.” That is a huge wake-up call to companies; as nearly every business in the world has some form of exposure to the dollar. And if you are isolated or treated as a pariah to the dollar, no other institution will be willing to risk their status by dealing with you.

We all assumed that the global telco giant would adhere to every comma of the DPA. However, fast forward to the last quarter of 2021, where the company has received correspondence from the DOJ, which states that the DOJ “has determined that the company has breached its obligations under the DPA by failing to provide certain documents and factual information”.

It’s too early to say what will happen next to this telco and to all the companies within its ecosystem; but one thing is for certain – as investors, we must use our ESG investment dollars to shun these types of companies, and as a consumer stop using their services and products. If we stick together against graft, our small voices combined can make a difference.

Probe DNB-Ericsson 5G partnership for corruption, irregularities, urges MP

KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition MP Fahmi Fadzil (PH-Lembah Pantai) wants a probe into the partnership between Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) and Swedish multinational telecommunications company Ericsson following a news report that Ericsson had allegedly breached pacts and had compliance issues.

In debating the King’s address, Fahmi cited a Reuters report dated today which said Ericsson had been accused by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) of breaching terms of a 2019 deal with prosecutors by failing to properly disclose misconduct and compliance failures in Iraq.

Reuters reported Ericsson as saying that US authorities had determined that it had failed to make sufficient disclosures about its activities in Iraq before entering a deferred prosecution agreement in 2019, with the DoJ to resolve a probe into years of alleged corruption in China, Vietnam and Djibouti.

It is also said to be at the centre of a scandal over possible payments to Islamic State.

Fahmi called on local enforcement authorities, including the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), to conduct a full investigation to identify possible elements of corruption in the partnership.

“This reminds us of 1MDB and Goldman Sachs. Are we going to see the same thing with DNB and Ericsson?” he asked, while also calling on the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to conduct a full audit of the partnership

DNB signed a 10-year partnership with the Swedish multinational corporation last year to deliver a nationwide 5G single wholesale network for the country.

Speaking on DNB’s operations, Fahmi asked the finance ministry to explain how much of taxpayer money had been injected into DNB and how much had been spent on aggressive campaigning in the media, acquiring office units in Menara TRX, and participating in an ongoing conference in Barcelona, Spain.

“The (5G) project is yet to start, and yet DNB has started to spend a lot (of money),” he said, calling on the PAC to conduct a full audit on the ministry’s special purpose vehicle.

Your next smartphone could dynamically optimise 5G connections thanks to onboard AI

The American manufacturer Qualcomm has unveiled its new 5G modem, the Snapdragon X70, for the first time boosted with artificial intelligence. The idea is to anticipate the quality of the received signal in order to provide users with the best possible connection. This will result in improved coverage, better speed and lower latency of the 5G connection.

This new embedded artificial intelligence technology is quite simply a world first. In fact, the modem will be able to anticipate the reception of the signal and optimize it thanks to a process of automatically learning about its environment. This will involve the position of the handset, as well as the state of the internet traffic, this information being “captured” by the phone’s antenna. In terms of performance, Qualcomm expects to achieve speeds of up to 10 Gb/s thanks to this new form of intelligence.

This modem also promises greater energy efficiency, and is expected to consume up to 60 per cent less energy than current models, which could significantly improve the battery life of future generations of smartphones.

The first mobile devices with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X70 are expected to be available by the end of 2022.